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Yoga is a complete science of life that originated in India many thousands of years ago. It is the oldest system of personal development known, encompassing body mind and spirit. Many people are first drawn to yoga as a way to keep their body fit and supple and as an aid to relax their mind. Those who continue with regular practice notice subtle changes in their approach to life, for, through exercising the body and stilling the mind, an inner peace can be found. This is ones true nature and the essence of yoga practice.Hatha Yoga has 5 main principles covering exercise (asanas) breath (pranayama) relaxation (rest) diet

(vegetarian) and thought (positive thinking). Staying in Kovalam will give you the perfect opportunity to practice all 5 in a fantastic location under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Foundation Course :
Is a special combination of the Beginners and Yoga Therapy and Advanced Asanas with Back bending courses. Includes theory, discourse, meditation etc.

Beginners And Yoga Therapy Courses : Shall be conducted for people who are new to YOGA, young or old, people who feel their body rigid/stiff can also avail of this basic course. People with stress and health related problems can also avail of this unique course. The practice techniques includes breathing, stretchings, Surya Namaskara-I, basic Asanas, Pranayama, Yogic-practice, relaxation techniques etc.

Intermediate classes
These classes are design for people who practice yoga for some time. The classes include maintaining the asanas for longer, pranayama with kumbakas (retention of breath), and introducing new intermediate asanas.

Advanced course

Back Bending Course (With Advance Asanas)
Includes Back Bending Asanas from the beginning to advance. Starts with simple back bending Asanas like Ardha Chakrasana, Bhujangasana-1 and continues till Rajakapotasana, Poorna Shalabhasana, GandaBherundasana etc. The practice will be with the complimentary practice like twisting, forward bending, Balancing Asanas, Pranayama and breathing techniques.

Therapy course

The yoga therapy is based on the pancha kosha sidanta. It design for stress related problems like weight reduction, Asthma, Back-pain, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Menstrual problems, Head-aches, Constipation, Spondlites, Migraines, Indigestion and maintaining good health and slim body. The therapy is being done through yogic practices such as breathing, yoga kriyas, asanas, pranayama, and dhyana.The duration of the course is minimum one week.

Beginning Prayer

Om saha naavavatu.
Saha nau bhunaktu
Saha viryam Karavaavahai
Tejas vinaa vadhi tamastu
Maa vidvishaavahai
Om shanti, shanti, shanti May That protect us both, teacher and disciple.
May That cause both to enjoy the bliss of liberation.
May we both exert to find out the true meaning of the scriptures.
May our learning be brilliant.
May we never quarrel with each other.
Om, peace, peace, peace.

Ending Prayer

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah,
Sarve santu niramayah;
Sarve bhadrani pasyantu,
Ma kascit duhkha bhagbahavet.
Om santih, santih, santih. May all be happy.
May all be free from diseases.
May all see things auspicious.
May none be subjected to misery.
Om peace, peace, peace.
Points To Note:
Do not perform or practice immediately after meals. Leave about three to four hours after a heavy meal and at least two hours after a light one. Avoid stimulating drinks and also smoking.
Women should not practice during the menstrual period.
Practice SINCERELY AND REGULARLY for fast progress.

The main keys to practice are:
* Do it slowly
* Do it with enjoyment
* Maintain awareness
* Always bend within your comfortable limits.
* Perfectly synchronize breathing with physical movements.
What to wear?
To permit freedom of movement, clothing should be loose and comfortable. Cotton fabric allows the body to breathe better than synthetic materials.
Remove unwanted things such as watch/chain/specks, ring etc., and switch of your cell phone in the classroom.
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