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Protecting and maintaining good health of the healthy
Elimination and controlling the ailments of the unhealthy

Ayurveda, India's therapeutic gift to mankind is a 5000years old life science. Legends says Brahma, the Almights creator conceived the science of Ayurveda from memories of his previous births. In Kerala the eternal science of Ayurveda is practiced exactly as it was by the great healers of ancient ages, by trained and elegant Ayurvedic Doctors, & Ayurvedic male & female Therapists

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Important scientific discoveries often occur coincidentally. The history behind the development of chelation therapy certainly confirms this fact. In the Thirties, EDTA, the active component in chelation therapy, was discovered by a German, Munz. He had been searching for a substance which could soften hard water, and it appeared EDTA was highly effective in doing so. But EDTA had the capacity to do much more. The substance happened to have a strong affinity for (toxic) heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium, and actually binds with them.
For this reason, EDTA was initially used in treating acute lead intoxication. Lead, an extremely toxic substance to the human body, was bound to EDTA injected into the blood stream and thus simply removed from the body during urination. With EDTA, however, fate became the mother of invention.
Patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, who where being treated with EDTA for acute lead intoxication, noticed improved stress tolerance and less chest pain upon exertion.They were also

able to walk longer distances. Surprisingly, chelation therapy appeared to have produced an unexpected healing effect for their cardiovascular problems.

This finding led to further investigation. It was Norman Clarke who, in 1956, published an article in The American Journal of Medical Science, claiming the successful treatment of patients with severe angina pectoris (chest pain caused by narrowing of the coronary arteries) through the use of EDTA. In 1960, well-known cardiologists Kitchell and Meltzer reported that chelation therapy caused both objective and subjective improvement in 9 out of 10 patients suffering from angina.

Soon hereafter, numerous publications on the successful treatment of patients with narrowed leg or brain arteries started appearing.

In 1988, Olszewer and Carter published their findings after treating 2870 patients with EDTA chelation therapy. More than 93% of the patients suffering from narrowed coronary arteries, showed good to excellent improvement. Patients suffering from the narrowing of leg arteries improved in 97% of all cases. And patients suffering from narrowed brain arteries also profited, although less dramatically (60%).

All in all, these results have led to in increased interest in the effectiveness of chelation therapy. The more than 10 million treatments administered to date are proof of this effectiveness.

Classic Ayurveda is a tried and tested medical therapy developed in Kerala by saints and sages. Apart from the treatment for diseases, it is proved as a rejuvenating and purifying therapy. All the medicines used are herbs or natural. The theory of the treatment is making the body capable to resist from the diseases. Duration of the treatment is normally 28 days, 21 days CHIKALSA (treatment) and 7 days NELLARIKA (rest period) Because of the busy schedule of life, now a days the period may be shortened.Ayurveda classifies all problems in a human body, as agitation of vatha (gas) pitha (bile) kapha(mucas). So the treatment is based on this. It covers five catagories of treatment vamanam, (vomiting) virechana(clearing) swedam (sweat) nasyam (nasal) and raktha moksham (purification); each have various types of treatment according to the person and problems viz, dhara,

kizhi, pizhichil, nasyam, vasti, swedam etc. This is decided by the vaidya (physician) after consultation; also he prescribe the medicines, diet and life style during the treatment period, known as pathyain early days people spared 28 days in a year for their health care (sukachikilsa) which rejuvenate and purify the body and mind, and sufficient to keep the health intact and free from all disease at COCO we conduct ayurveda in its original spirit and style separate treatment facilities for male & female supervised by Chief Physician & lady Doctor, also male & female therapists.

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